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One day you'll meet.

Every Thursday, open up the app and see who wants to date that day.

Download now.

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Single and here for it.

Got dating app fatigue? You're not alone. We've never been more ready for something different.

The day for dating.

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Every Thursday, the app comes to life with people near you who also want to meet that day. About time we cut the crap.

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One day you'll meet.

Everything you want from a dating app and it happens on one day.


Empowering. Assured. Refreshing. 


Match. Chat. Date.
In one day.


6 days of the week, this app tells you to f**k off...and it's not even sorry.

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Because there's more to life than dating apps.


+ Members Only events.

It gets better. We also host exclusive events at some of the sexiest spots in the city.


Secret. Original. In-person.

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You're probably not expecting to see Bumble's Insta below, but we think their content is brilliant so why the hell not?

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Meet me on 


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